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 Travel Diary : Ex-Yugoslavia Part 3: Bosnia-Herzegovina

Bosnia-Herzegovina, this is the place where I undoubtedly understood better the conflict in Ex-Yugoslavia lastly. Bosnia-Herzegovina is composed of two entities and three kind of population. A melting-pot where the cohabitation seems to be very difficult. Bosnia-Herzegovina is separed into two entities: The Serb Republic of Bosnia and the Federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina.


These separations are mainly effective because of the origins of the inhabitants of Bosnia-Herzegovina. In the Serb Republic of Bosnia, we can find the Serb population and in the Federation of Bosnia-Herzegovine, the Bosnians and Croatian cohabits. The religion is also very important in this country. Imagine that you have three main religions in only one country: christians, orthodoxes and Muslims. 

Roughly speaking, Croatian are catholics, the Serb are orthodoxes and the Bosnians are Muslims. 

In Sarajevo for example, we can take two religious buildings: 

Here two Mosques in the center


Further, the Congregational Church of Holy Mary


 How these different ethnies did they get to live in the same area?

 Ex-Yugoslavia and this part of Balkans have been during centuries a strategic platform for all the great Empires... which went by this area and left some traces. These great Empires were for example: the Roman Empire, Austro-Hungarian or Othoman Empire 

The types of traces which left these Empires can be buildings, way of living or the pigmentation and the features of the face. 

Let take the example of the Othoman influence in Sarajevo.

The historical center of Sarajevo is realy typical of this influence and is called Bascarsija 

Here is the Bascarsija


In Sarajevo in particular, the Turkish coffee is very popular. However there is a difference with the expresso that we drink in France and the way in which the coffee Turkish is made. Indeed, to make a Turkish coffee, you need to mix the ground coffee and water and to very lowly heating it in a special recipient.

 Turkish coffee


Influences which could be a richness but the history wanted recently that these differences were matters to fight. Terrible because as French and thus not directly implied in this conflict, I could collect the opinions of the 3 ethnies groups. Each one is of course against the fact of fighting and wish that the cohabitation could be made under better conditions. The problem is that what happened happened and each community has to learn to live normally again together and that takes time. However I am optimist for the next because the majority of the people I have met think in the good direction: rebuilding.

Tourism in Bosnia-Herzegovina 

I went then to Mostar, site classifies by UNESCO and which was bombards at the time of last war. However, I could get there after the rebuilding of the city and his famous bridge: Stari Most (or the Old Bridge). The old center is not very big but extremly interessant 

View on the Stari Most


The old town of Mostar, have a look on the sidewalk


At the time of the sharingof the borders, it was allocated to Bosnia-Herzegovina a small part of coast to let the country having an opening on the Adriatic. I could get there when I was going along the Croatian coast because this part of the coast of Bosnia-Herzegovina divides the Croatian coast in two. The city is called Neum, you don't have a lot of thing there to see in winter but I think that we can spend there a nice summer. 

Neum,only city on the coast in Bosnia-Herzegovina


About myself, I keep on hitch-hiking in Balkans where I travel in company of the snow in this moment.




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