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Tour du monde en autostop - Jeremy Marie


 Travel Diary : New Year, New Route

As I was saying in the last news, I was studying a new route for this tour of the world. Indeed, my goal is to travel the totality of the way by hitch-hiking, so not paying any way of travelling.

This included oceans...

In my thought, I wanted to cross the seas and oceans by the boat-hitchhiking. These way of travelling is still of actuality, it was necessary for me to study a little bit this question.

Crossing oceans are done mainly with the direction of the winds: those are rather on the direction East-West. You start perhaps to understand... My initial direction was the road of India so a West-East direction, that was not compatible with a future crossing of ocean.

I was i nneed to find an alternative. Thus, logic wants that I first cross the Atlantic Ocean. For that, two principals ports for possibles departures appeared to me.

-The archipelago of the Canaries and the Cap Verde

-The Cape of Bonne Hope in South Africa

The two options appeared to me really interessant. However, a choice had to be made. Currently travelling in Turkey, my direction is towards Africa. I will make my entrance in this continent by Egypt if everything is happening well.

The important information is that crossing Atlantic is not easily possible during the whole year. Seasons has to be respected and here it is rather between December and February. So I have a little more than 10 months to reach a port. 10 months are also the estimation that I made to cross Africa from the North to the South.

My destination and my next goal is to reach Cape Town in South Africa.

Obviously, I needed to prepare a possible road to cross this new continent. I can say to you in advance that it will not be easy. More especially with the currents and futures politicals situations of some countries which could make me change a bit my route once again. However, I show you below the idea that I have about this future crossing (If you would have any information which could help me about this new route, I can be highly interested).


As you can suspect, I would not lengthen my way if I did not appreciate that much this journey and the experiment which I am living. So it is for me a positive event and I hope that you will take pleasure to share these moments of road with me!

On this, I give you appointment in few days for a report about Turkey, which is really an enthralling country

See you soon


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