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 Travel Diary : From Jordan to Egypt: First difficulties

As I have said it in the last article about Jordan, I indeed stayed one month in the harbour city of Aqaba.

The reason is simple but come from a difficult situation. 

Indeed, my goal is, you know it, to not spend a cent for the way of travelling.. Here is the problem I had to face in this area of south Jordan. 

My goal at this time was to reach Egypt. I was in the town of Al Aqabah which I have surround in red on the map below. 

To go to Egypt, I had the possibility to choose between two options:

-Crossing Israel by the city of Eilat to reach finally Egypte, everything overland

-Taking the ferry from Aqaba to one of the different Egyptian Port (Taba, Nuweiba, Sharm El Sheih...) 


Quickly, I had to face a problem. Knowing that my route include the crossing of Sudan, it should be known that to obtain a visa for this country, any passage by Israel (for political reasons) is proscribed. 

Thus, I started to look for a boat which would enable me to connect Egypt by this way.

That was not really easy. Indeed, it should be known that hitch-hiking a boat is a concept completely different of hitch-hiking a car and that takes much more time. So to not lose too much money, I started to look for a job the morning of my arrival in the city... and the afternoon I finally found. 

The deal was enough interessant for the employer: I proposed my services in exchange of accommodation and food.

Thus, I was doing various jobs in a vacation village on the sea side of the Red Sea. My work was consisting for one month to remake the menus of the restaurant, to make the brochure, to paint or even to realize traffic sign. 

Here I am working on making a traffic sign



In the same time I could rest myself after the first 5 months travelling and to have the luxury to not look for a place to sleep for one month which moreover was extremely pleasant.

However, the search for boat was quickly unfruitful and the principal difficulty was my ignorance for the ways of looking for.

Likewise, knowing that there was always this second solution by crossing Israel, I look for more information and a detail appeared very important to me. Tourists coming from Egypt and having taken the terrestrial way let me know that they succeed to obtain the israelian stamp on another paper. On this, no more problem to obtain the Sudanese visa and then finally possibility of entering to Egypt while still respecting my project to not pay for the way of travelling... 

... what I finally did... and indeed it really worked very well. The only problem now is that even if the israelian stamp is not visible, there always remains the trace of the stamp of the town of entrance in Egypt (by Israel).To know now if the Sudanese autorities will check this detail at the time of the realization of the visa?

Question has to follow... Moreover, one new difficulty soon will come: the crossing of the border Egypt-Sudan, which is only naval... but this, this is another story!

Have fun! 




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