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 Travel Diary : Crossing of the border Egypt-Sudan

I was saying in the last newsletter that a problem was going to come when I will arrive in the city of Aswan, in the south of Egypt. I am indeed arrived in Aswan and the problem and the problem is there. Indeed, the only one legal crossing of border between Egypt and Sudan is naval. The terrestrial ways are closed and the entrance in Sudan from Egypt is done in the middle of the Nasser lake.

To understand better the geographic situation, I am putting below a map of the area.

The crossing of the border is possible from the port, which is located at 17 kilometers in the south of Aswan, and from there it is possible to reach the town of Wadi Alfa in the North of Sudan after a crossing of approximately 30 hours by boat.

My aim is to realize the tour of the world without paying a cent for the way of traveling. The only solution for this naval problem is to try the boat-hitch-hiking.

Likewise, I had only one card in my hand to try to convince the only ferries company which is doing the crossing. So shortly, that was free or nothing.

I went to the Nile Navigation Company and I have exposed my problem while speaking about my project to the people in charge of the company.

Those ones liked my project and we agree for a deal: I will put a logo of their company on my website and I will benefit in exchange of a free crossing to Sudan. 

After getting the ticket, I can finally take the boat and move towards Sudan, to really enter Africa. 

For information: To the people interested for a travel by the earth to Sudan from Egypt, it is possible to cross the border by boat and with your car. The company has another boat especially for the cars and can carry to 9 cars. The ferry and the barge are leaving every Mondays.

For more information about this subject, contact Mr Salah Mohammed in Aswan.

Mail: takourny@hotmail.com

Mobile: 0020183160926

See you in Sudan


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