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Tour du monde en autostop - Jeremy Marie


 Travel Diary : 1 year around the world


We are today the 8 October 2008, I left Caen in France the 8 October 2007; that makes today 1 year that I am traveling by hitch-hiking on our beautiful planet called Earth. 

Until now, the experience is enough positive because I am still on the road. Hitch-hiking has been very doable, have a look at that: 24800 kilometers and 399 different vehicles who took me from Caen in France to Blantyre in Malawi, where I am nowadays. 

Today is the first anniversary; I will show you a little retrospective of this year, which has been for me full of discovering and emotions. 

A year full of emotions 

The 8 October 2007, this is the beginning of the trip in the school Clos Herbert in Caen. At around 2pm, I left my city; which will lead me to spend my first night under a bridge close to Neufchatel en Bray (nobody knew it... ahah) 

The day I left in Caen, with the pupils of the Clos Herbert 

My trip is quickly leading me in the South-East of Europe and especially in former-Yugoslavia. Arriving in winter, I can experience to hitch-hike under the snow at several times... which will lead me to spend a night on the snow (I didn't tell that to anybody either...) 

Hitch-hiking under the snow in Bosnia-Herzegovina, that's wealthy! 


Leaving Europe by Istanbul and so entering Asia is for me the real beginning of the adventure and the discovering of new ways of living, new cultures and a beautiful adventure.

In Turkey, I use the petrol-station to find my drivers. In Ankara, I found very quickly a lift... but my driver is not going in the good direction! Indeed, interested by me project, he is letting me in the television studios of Kanal B, where I will be the guest of the Show "Biz-Bize" some days later. 

When you hitch-hike in Turkey, the surprise, this is the destination! 

The arrival in Turkey, it is also a decision which will make me change my estimated way and will include a new continent: Africa.

Africa, that does mean that I will have to cross Middle-East. I will start by Syria. Syria, with Sudan, has been for me the country where the people were the most hospitable so far. 

In the Middle-East, I have been accommodate, nourish..... yeah yeah nourish by the locals 


My entrance in Africa is leading me to make a choice: going through Israel and taking the risk to not get the Sudanese visa or to find a boat to reach straight Egypt?

After having work for a month in Aqaba in Jordan, giving me the time to look for a boat, I make the decision to try to go overland. That will be the good decision at the end. 

Working in a hotel in Jordan: a diversified work 


Finally the entrance in Africa! My way has to lead me from the North to the South of this continent. Indeed, my first country will be Egypt and I will have to go along the Nile to discover a party of his history, even if for me the important thing is to meet the people. 

Pyramids! What a happiness to have reached them, and by hitch-hiking (that is easier things to do in Egypt, especially in Egypt) 


Between Egypt and Sudan, the first real difficulties are coming: I will have in any case to succeed in my attempt to hitch-hike a boat. For this, I am lucky in the negotiation with the ferry company which gives me a free lift across the Nasser Lake. 

The happiness of hitch-hiking the boat, especially when it works!

Sudan, a country which surprised me, although very difficult to cross because sometimes... there is no road! The last of the muslim country for this part of the trip makes me benefit of his marvelous hospitality. Far from the conflicts, I have been the witness of the kindness of a population too often attacked by the medias. 

Not always a road in Sudan, so I wait.... often with a heat reaching 50 degrees Celsius


The contrast is important between Sudan and Ethiopia: we are going from the flatness of the desert to the green mountains. Ethiopia was clearly one of the poorest country (if not the poorest) I have seen so far. Always followed by a dozen of children, stopping the cars was at least difficult. However, visiting the country and meet the population was a really good experience that I don't regret. 

A « Farenje » in a little ethiopian village, that brings a lot of curious


The arrival in East Africa was again a big different on which concern the population which was still smiling, generous and willing to help. What was easy here, this is that those countries were colonized by the british, the communication was far easier for me. So I can understand better the system of life and the way of doing in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

Yes, I could go in the other hemisphere to find myself « in the other side » 


Having been in this less advantageous part of the world, I took the time to try to give back some help that I received enough from the beginning of my trip. Indeed, I spend one month in an orphanage in Tanzania to try to animate a little bit the daily life of this young people. 

Teacher Jeremy while the geography lesson... Be quiet in the class! 


And what about hitch-hiking? 

In the chapter about hitch-hiking, the ways of doing are different but if you are patient and most important, if you really want it, that is possible everywhere.

I would say anyway that the red card is for Italy where it has been difficult to find vehicles. Hopefully, I found the ultimate lift from an Australian who took me for 6 days, which gave me the opportunity to tour the country.

Hitch-hiking in Africa and especially in East Africa is very easy and I can be sure to not wait more than one hour to find a vehicle. Most of the time, if I am in the right place, one of the 10 first vehicles will stop.

By the way, on this continent, I have experienced devastated roads or even the absence of road... I would say the Top of the most destroyed road is the way from Moyale to Marsabit in Kenya where my car got flat 3 times (of course my driver had only one more tire...) 

The Bilan  

Here is an idea of this year which has gone very fast I can say. My first impressions, as a witness of the world of today, are good enough.

Indeed, of course there is poverty, of course there is war, of course everything is not perfect but the citizens of our planet have a heart and the majority is using it in a good way. 

I like to say to the people I meet that it couldn't be possible to do what I do if the humanity had bad intentions but the fact is here: traveling by hitch-hiking is asking for the help of the other. In this context, I have been help from the beginning of the trip everywhere I have been and all this positive interactions are showing that in every part of the world: the human can be good. 

The next ? 

To start this second year of travel, i will give you my next move.

As you can see by seeing the map of my estimated way. I will arrive soon in South Africa. As I cannot going further in the south, my way will lead me in South America... and so to cross the Atlantic Ocean.

The highlight of this second year of travel around the world will be the attempt of the crossing of Atlantic by boat-hitch-hiking.

Then my next move will lead me to learn Spanish and to travel in another continent: South America.

After that, to have a big target: my dream would be to arrive a Rio de Janeiro for the New Year Eve but.... Only the future will tell us! 

Once again, thank you to everyone who makes this adventure possible, i mean the drivers who stopped for me, the people who hosted ne, nourish me, or simply the people who helped me in one way or another. 

See you soon to everyone 


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