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 Travel Diary : The animals of Africa

I realized that, when I was travelling and meeting children, those one were enjoying so much to see the pictures of the different animals.
It is true to say that all the childrens have not the opportunity to go to the zoo to have an idea of what can look like some of the animals living at thousands of kilometres from home.
Indeed, I decided to write something about the different animals that I met on my way in Africa. 


The donkey is the first animal that I have seen in Africa. This animal is easy to find in the north of the continent. The donkey is mainly used to carry the goods, doing the job of some vehicles sometimes.
I even hitch-hiked some donkey!

PHOTO 1==) Ane


The camel in Africa, contrary to Asia, has only one bump on the back. This is the embleem of the desert. The camel is, like the donkey, used to carry the goods. I met this animal many times in the north of Africa.



The girafe is known for his long neck which is used to find the food straight on the top of the trees. This is the highest animal in the world and can reach 5,80 meters. The girafe is very gracious when it is walking.

PHOTO 3==)Girafe


Zebra is looking like a little bit the horse but this wonderful animal has white and black stripes. It is possible to find zebras almost everywhere in subsaharian Africa. Zebra is a wild animal who is living on a group.



The cheetah is like a big cat. It is a very fast animal who can reach speed up to 110km/h. The cheetah is eating meat and can catch other animals by running after them.

PHOTO 5==)Guepard

Monkey (Baboon)

The baboon is a monkey very easy to find in Africa. When this monkey is getting used to the human presence, he can become annoying and dangerous. How many houses messed up by the baboons I have discovered in Africa, those one were just looking for food.

PHOTO 6==) Babouin


After the elephant, the rhino is the biggest animal living inland. He is herbivore. The particularity of the rhino is his huge horn on his nose, which make him a reason to kill for unfortunately.

PHOTO 7==)Rhinoceros


The ostrich is the biggest bird in Africa. However this bird cannot fly but can run to a speed reaching 70km/h. The egg of the ostrich is known to be the biggest bird's egg in the world.

PHOTO 8==)Autruche


The african buffalo is coming from the same family as the cow. Nevertheless, the buffalo is wild and is known as to be the most dangerous animal in Africa. His weight can be around 900 kilos.



The elephant is the biggest landing animal in the world. His weight can be over 8 tons. The caracteristics of the elephant are his defenses and his big ears. Elephant is in danger, victim of the traffic of ivory.

(photo prise sur internet)


The hippo, or the horse of the river, is living mainly in the water to get protection from the sun. The hippo is a very big animal and can also be very dangerous. The weight of the animal can get up to 3,5 tons.

PHOTO 11==) Hippopotame


The dassie is looking like a big mouse, but can get the size of a rabbit. We can find it in South Africa and living in the rocks.

PHOTO 12==) Daman

Penguin (Cape penguin)

The penguin is a bird who cannot fly. The penguin is living is the aquatic area and know how to swim to get his food. The penguin is living with a colony which can reach around thousands of members.

PHOTO 13==)Manchot

I hope that you had pleasure to discover some of the most popular animals in Africa. It was pretty difficult to get a picture of some of them, knowing that I didn't participate at any safaris even if it was pretty easy to spot them while I was crossing Africa.

I wish you again some wonderful Christmas and New Year Eve.

See you soon


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