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 Travel Diary : Starting of the last preparations

July 2007:Starting of the last preparations

Beginning of the last preparations at 2 months of the departure, this one being envisaged and I can say it to you largely waited, for the beginning of October 2007, here the last news concerning the last preparations which has already began:

Beginning of July 2007

Agreement made with the primary school "Le Clos Herbert" located in Caen: I will be the godfather of the pupils of cycle 3 (CE2, CM1, CM2) and I will present my project the 14/09/2007 in front of the children. On the site a place called "Corner of the schools" will be arranged which will be reserved to the pupils so they will can act in an interactive way on the trip, they will can send me questions about the differents countries, so i I will can answer to them in this new installation of the site. In the same way, the school "Le Clos Herbert" will be doubtless the starting point of my voyage in the beginning of October.

Wednesday July 25 of 2007

I could acquire a help of 1000 euros delivered by the direction of youth and of the sports of the Calvados and its action plan "Envie d'agir" via the departmental assistance of the initiative of the young people. This financial assistance was given to me after passage in front of a jury and I can say to you that this financial and moral support from people who help you to a project that you defend has really touched me. I will make good use of it...

Monday July 30 of 2007

The first vaccines were bought last week and today, appointment was caught with the doctor for hepatitis B and the rage. Hepatitis B is refunded by the social security (it is too bad because this is the least expensive of the vaccines that I had to make because I have already the DTP) whereas the rage has to be made in 3 times (45 euros each one my friends... it is a real budget!)

Tuesday July 31 of 2007

- We finishes July by obtaining the international driving licence (provided with 2 photographs of identity and your driving licence, you go to the prefecture (in France) and that takes 20 minutes to you!)

- In the same way, today, order taking of the new credit card which will be a mastercard under the famous councils of my financial adviser. Delivery period: 3 weeks.

September 2007, at 3 weeks of the departure

Would you like to know how good it is to not having to work anymore, I have finally finish my economies!

At the day of today, I have received my new credit card, I have made the 3 vaccines necessary for the rage and I have presented my project to the children of the school "the Herbert Field” in Caen (Description of this fabulous day in "Corner of the schools").

I just have to finish the vaccines that I have to do, the Yellow fever at the hospital in Rouen which will make me benefit an international notebook of vaccination. This fact I will be able to make the vaccines against Hepatitis A, Typhoid and Meningitis.

To come, I will contract an insurance because this one seems necessary to me in case of some problem.

October 2007, the bag is there, he is waiting for me...

These last weeks, everything accelerated, the preparations are now finished and I have 4 days to have good time with my family and my friends before taking the road.

I have done the last vaccines required (important to know that the Typhoid enables you have some nice aches for 3 days, but that was only my case).

I chose to take an insurance: the International Health Plan from AVA (690 euros per year but that appeared more careful to me).

The city hall of Caen proposed to make me a flag of 80cm on 1m with the effigy of my project with a photograph of me surrounded of the pupils of the Field Herbert, so I went back to the school to take these photographs and it made me pleasure to see all the young childrens.

I received visit cards which I had ordered by Internet and which will be undoubtedly useful for me.

For few days now, I have made, made and remade my bag, I trained my inch with the distance Caen-Paris (2 cars and 4 hours of journey, good performance, no doubt, I am ready!).

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