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Tour du monde en autostop - Jeremy Marie


 Travel Diary : A tour of Italy

I am currently arrived in Ljubljana, capital of slovenia and I can now give you a little idea of what was the visit of one of our neighbours countries: Italy.

I have more or less succeed to follow the way that I was thinking doing before i enter the country of the paninis, pizza pies and gelateria. So I went from Milano towards Genova, Pisa, Florence, Roma, Venice and Trieste. Hitch-hiking in Italy is, in what relates to me, for the moment the most difficult country in Europe where i hitch-hiked. In some moments, it was really difficult for me to keep going straight. However, I was lucky to share the van of an Australian guy for6 days, with who I made approximately 1200 kilometers.


I introduce you the van of Phil, which has been my house for a week



Italy is a country equips with a strong culture where art is present at each corners of street. It has been difficult to me to visit this country differently than a normal tourist. I just have tried to go to see the places having to be seen. So in the following photographs, you will maybe recognize some places that you have perhaps visiting during your holidays.


Here is an overall picture of the 4 main buildings of Pisa: The Tower of Pisa, the Cathedrale, the Baptistere and the Cemetery (i also noticed that under a torrential rain, the frequentation ris still simply huge... like the prices of entrance besides)



Landscape of Toscana between Pisa and Florence



Cathedrale di Santa Maria dei Fiore in Florence



Florence is as we say he real museum on open sky. I just escaped from a stiff neck... then to not constantly keep the head to the sky, I have decide to direct myself towards the heights of the city.

So you can have a look of the panorama:



Here below is the Ponte Vecchio, on the Fiume Arno. There is a small resemblance to this famous bridge of Paris which you perhaps saw in the movie« The Perfume ». Likewise, on this bridge, they are mainly luxuries products which are sold there.



Then I went from Florence to Roma, where there too, the history is everywhere. Have a look on this some pictures. 

Office of Sunday morning in the Vatican. I was lucky to arrive in the Vatican at the time of the office. I can say that it is really impressive to see as many people and as many solennite in the attitudes.



Here the Fountain of Trevise, where it was difficult for me to take a photograph, hustled from right to left then from left to right by the tourist floating mass.



One of the symbols of Roma: the Coliseum. You can also see the Roman forum in the foreground. Perso Italy photo 97 Vue sur le Colisee 

From Rome, it is extremement difficult to get off if you choose hitch-hiking. It is often the case when a city has a ring. Anyway, I had Phil, and with Phil, hitch-hiking is easier! So we went towards the Adriatic coast to go up towards Venice. 

Venice, this is Venice: a pearl escaped from the littoral but found by the tourists. However, the city is incredible. You maybe have seen, heard, read about Venice; nothing equals the fact to wander in these small street full of water, to watch the ceaseless traffic gondoles, vapporetto and other boats.  

Yes, I succeed to make like everyone: to take a photograph of me on the Rialto Bridge



Here is the first gondole's carpark in the world



From Venice, direction Trieste where I leave this good Phil. Trieste the windy as we call it because here is without any doubt the Italian mistral. Anyway Trieste is a really cute city, with a family size (this is not too large, not too small) and bordering the sea (the Adriatic). 

Compared to Florence, Roma or Venice, there is a little to visit but that enables me to rest a little. Here is nevertheless a photograph of the main square of Trieste: Piazza d' Unita d' Italia



I let you with this pretty sunset and see you soon in the balkans!


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