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 Travel Diary : Ex-Yugoslavia Part 1: Slovenia

After leaving Italy, the logic of the road was supposed to lead me in Slovenia... a logic that i followed.


Slovenia comes from Yugoslavia, country which was constitutes of six republics: Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Macedonia. Following separation of Yugoslavia, these six states took their independence. Slovenia has been the first to extirpate socialist federal Republic of Yugoslavia. So I think that Slovenia was more quickly based in the Occidental way of life, wich we are getting used to in France. So Slovenia is doing a transition bteween a communist way of life and a democratic one. Slovenia also entered the European Union and gave up Tollar for another official money: Euro.



According to people's whom I could meet there, Slovenia was lucky compared to its Croatian neighbor and the fights coming mainly from the Serb central governement were for about 10 days before slovenian independence was recognized.

Likewise, Slovenia is a country which hasn't a lot of problem with violence because here we can find the lowest rate of criminality of Europe. In that way I wan't very anxious about hitch-hiking the slovenians roads. An easy hitch-hiking which really works in Slovenia after the difficulties met in Italy.


Crossing Slovenia is not long, I arrived by the west of the country and after 100 kilometers, I could join the center of the country and his capital: Ljubljana. From Ljubljana, I went directly to Maribor, 130 kilometers further and close to the Hungarian and Croatian border.


While I was crossing the country, I realized that the slovenian landscapes get some similarities with the Swiss landscapes: we find many forests, mountains, lakes. To the east however, the landscape get flat and we are back in an area of plains surrounding Maribor even if some hills are still on the corner.



Here is the landscape at the exit of Ljubjlana





I spent few days in the capital Ljubljana and the center is really nice. I would compare the slovenian capital the slovak capital Bratislava, as much for his small size that for his charming center.


The halls covering the market of Ljubljana, market where we can taste for free various kinds of breads and wines





Close to the market, we can see the pretty Saint Nicolas Cathedrale




If you want to climb the hill of the city (you can also use the lift one), you will be able to discover the medieval castle of Ljubljana




The second city of the country is Maribor. Likewise, this one is not huge by its size but it seems to be nice to live in. Even if if Tanja, who accomodated me in Maribor, told me that at the end of a certain moment, we can be bored there. The center can be done in 2 hours I think, there are some places to see in particular the panoramic sight in top of the Cathedrale.


From the Cathedrale, we can see the mountain where a ski resort was built



On the Glavni square, you can see the City hall of Maribor and the Plague monument




The rektorat of Maribor



Arrived in Slovenia, I was likely able to taste the home made Burek. This dish is a speciality in the balkans but also in the countries having share an Othoman culture under their domination.

Apparently the Bureks from Bosnia-Herzegovina are more various. About myself, I eat these bureks regularly because they are not that expensive. They can be with cheese, meat, potatoes or nature. You can have a full meal with Burek and this one will cost you only 1 euro. However, you should not be an amator of fine kitchen because Burek is regularly very greasy. But in my case, it is the perfect meal because we eats much for cheap.


Here is the home made Burek




From Maribor, I go to Zagreb, Croatian capital which I will talk about in a next newsletter.


On the Zagreb road




See you soon


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