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Tour du monde en autostop - Jeremy Marie


 Travel Diary

 My conclusions of this world tour

 The final dot

 At the end...

 ... Me, my thumb and my accomplished dream

 The Persians and their Calif

 From nuclear power to hospitality

 24 hours in Turkmenistan

 An unwanted quick transit

 The Stans of Central Asia

 Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan

 Scramble of visas in Central Asia

 Crossing an administrative labyrinth

 Crossing Eurasia

 Three possible routes

 Thoughts of a savage in China

 Development, population and propaganda

 Impressions of a savage in China

 First steps in the Middle Kingdom

 Quiet Laos

 Listening to the rice sprouting...

 The Socialist Republic of Vietnam

 From the Mekong Delta to the Ha Long Bay

 Cambodia after the dread

 In Khmer territory

 The real Thailand

 Entering a Buddhist country

 At the Myanmar border

 Visit of Mae Sot

 Well organized Singapore

 The Fine City

 Asia in Malaysia

 Chineses, Indians and Malays

 An Indonesia that smiles to me

 The archipelagos of 17000 islands

 The Timor Sea by Plane-Hitchhiking

 From Australia to Indonesia

 Work and Travels in Australia...

 Journey in Down Under

 Interview with Sue Hodges, the Cerebral Palsy League


 The Coral Sea by «Container Ship-Hitchhiking»

 Arrival in Australia by Cargo

 The hospitable New Zealand

 Three months in the Land of the Kiwis

 World Tour by Hitchhiking - Thumb's Up for Tolerance

 Lectures in Australia

 Podcast - 4 years on the road

 Highlights of the last year traveling

 Communicating abroad

 How to learn languages

 A Pacific Tale

 From Colombia to New Zealand

 The Kingdom of Tonga

 Fourth stopover of the TransPacific

 Pleasant Niue

 Third stopover of the TransPacific

 The charms of French Polynesia

 Second stopover of the TransPacific

 The very endemic Galapagos

 First stopover of the TransPacific

 Complicated Venezuela

 In the country of Chavez

 Boat-hitchhiking on the river Amazone

 From Santarem to Manaus

 The tropical Brazil

 From the coast to the Amazone

 100 000 kilometers to share (2nd part)

 Rotary Club and Alliance française

 Argentina and its neighbour Uruguay

 Land of mate and football

 100 000 kilometers to share (1st part)

 The presentation, the schools and the orphanages

 Interview with Martin Dale-Hench and Leala Holcomb, two hitchhikers deaf-mute


 The narrow Chile

 Way down to the Cape Horn

 The indigenous land of Bolivia

 The country of Evo Morales

 The Peru a dedo

 From the Pacific to the Lake Titicaca

 Ecuador between two hemispheres

 Back in the south

 The Heart of Colombia

 The first step in South America

  From North America to South America (2nd part)

 Hell in Darien

 From North America to South America (1st part)

 From Miami to Panama

 1000 vehicles

 From donkey-hitchhiking to tractor-hitchhiking

 Stopover in Havana

 A sight of Cuba

 “America”... or...”The United States of America”

 A tour of 33 States

 United States (Part 4: East Coast)

 Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusets, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pensylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginie

 Eastern Canada: Quebec and Maritimes

 Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia


 British Colombia, Yukon, Alaska

 2 years around the world

 From Malawi to Alaska

 United States (Part 3: The West Coast)

 California, Oregon, Washington

 United States (Part 2: The Conquest of the West)

 Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Nevada

 United States (Part 1: Texas)

 In the Lone Star State

 Maxi Mexico

 A country of several countries

 Cultural travel in Guate-Maya

 Diversity, Mixity

 In the center of the center of America

 Nicaragua, Honduras and Salvador

 Panama and Costa Rica: United States are getting closer

 Going up the Panamerican

 Time to change... Cape to the North

 On the way to the

 Through the Atlantic Wall (Part 2)

 The passage of the Atlantic by boat-hitch-hiking

 Through the Atlantic Wall (Part 1)

 The mission: finding a boat

 South Africa, one asset: diversity

 Inside the Rainbow Nation

 The animals of Africa

 Description of an amazing fauna

 A lusitanese influence in Mozambique

 An important separaration North/South

 A story about scintillating, Malawi

 A narrow little state

 1 year around the world

 About a year travelling by hitch-hiking

 TANganyika + ZANzibar = Tanzanie

 End of the visit in East Africa

 Volunteering in Africa

 1 month in the Hisani orphanage in Mwanza in Tanzania

 A little tour in the Pearl of Africa

 Discovering Uganda

 Kenya, animal's ground

 Introduction to the land of safaris

 On the mountains of Ethiopia

 Culture and poverty



 Discovering the civilizations: the Nubians


 Crossing of the border Egypt-Sudan

 First experience of boat-hitch-hiking

 A hitch-hiker in the country of the Pharaons... way back to Egypt

 1500 kilometers without finding a car

 From Jordan to Egypt: First difficulties

 A problem of border

 In the heart of the Hachemite Kingdom: Jordan

 The crossing of the country of the Desert

 Welcome to Syria

 Old ruins, old bedouins and a lot of happiness

 Turkey from Inside

 Another way to see the country

 Visiting Turkey

 Istanbul, Pamukale, Cappadocia

 New Year, New Route

 Direction: The Old Continent

 From the Myth to the Greek Home

 Europe: 7330 kilometers done and 133 vehicules taken

 Ex-Yougoslavia Part 5: Macedonia

 The country of Alexander the Great

 Ex-Yugoslavia Part 4: Serbia, Montenegro and Kosovo

 Where the history is actually writing

 Ex-Yugoslavia Part 3: Bosnia-Herzegovina

 Explications about a difficult cohabitation

 Ex-Yugoslavia Part 2: Croatia

 From the North-East plains to the south coast and through Zagreb

 Ex-Yugoslavia Part 1: Slovenia

 Balkans entering...

 A tour of Italy

 Paninis, Spaghettis and Gelateria

 In the beginning...

 ...me and my thumb

 Starting of the last preparations

 revive my preparation

 Tour of France

 Or the discovery of the concept of the HospitalityClub

 Sweet escape in Europe

 Follow by journey by hitchhiking in Europe...

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