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Tour du monde en autostop - Jeremy Marie


 new lead

After two years on the road, I could make myslef an idea of the current situation of the planet. I also had the occasion to make a huge number of incredible meetings.

To put in relation those meetings and the situation of the planet is for me a challenge today: to interview my “New Leaders”.

For me, those “New Leaders” are all those people who are inspiring me because they are working for the protection of this planet with the goal to make her better at long term. They are working for environment, they are present for the education or even they are finding any possible originals means to give back a “clean copy” to the generations following us.

According to the concept of “RoadTrip Nation”, I am going today to interview my 'New Leaders”to know which formation they follow to get where they are today and especially the action they have on our society.

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