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Tour du monde en autostop - Jeremy Marie


 Why hitch-hiking ?

It is a conclusion of an observation. It is not even by elimination that I chose but by preference. Hitch-hiking makes possible to get in touch with the local population and it is also a natural filter which lets come the people open to the contact and the exchange. Of course it happens that it is not the case but the fact is that the diversity of the people who opens their door to us invites us to be opened to the contact, to learn and give.

In the same way, what is easier to make friends than by helping each other?

Another asset for me is that the hitch-hiker is pedestrian. It means a greater freedom of movement: just the man and his bag, the tortoise and its carapace.

Hitch-hiking is for me another thing than a way to move, it is an unexplainable passion: to go, seek the adequate place, to raise the thumb, to wait, seeing the car arriving with its indicator, lowering the window, to check the person quickly, to take my bag, to get into the car and to talk with the people. Strange feeling that to think going further in life by going further on the road ... this is that hitch-hiking.

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