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Tour du monde en autostop - Jeremy Marie


 Who am I ?

Born the March 12th 1984, I appear the first time on this world in Rouen, in Normandy. Mr and Miss Marie gave me this day a surname: I will be “Jeremy” for the rest of my life.


From the moment I understood that Earth was a globe and had many different countries, I was playing with my twin sister Coralie to learn every capital of the world...

I have to thank my parents too, who during our youth, brought us to place I found exotic for our age. We discovered indeed countries as Portugal, Tunisia, Turkey or even Malta.

Some years later, a school trip brought me with my class to Poland. The school had the beautiful idea to put each one of us in a local family. For around ten days, I felt the taste, the taste of traveling. This is certainly where my passion for this started.


My first independent journeys happened near France, as I went to discover what the Belgian and Dutch were doing in their countries. Even if I was going with some friends to relax, we never forgot the cultural side of it, and during the day, we were visiting.

This desire to discover led me soon to consider and realize a one year stay abroad.

I ended up in a green, hilly and sheepy country: Wales.


One year in Wales made me also travel in England, Ireland. One year in Wales also made me taste for the first time what hitchhiking was meaning. It wasn't really by necessity, but by curiosity, and then by pleasure.

And as if the will to travel comes from traveling, when I came back from Wales, I went with a friend to hitchhike a good part of Europe. I went through Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, England and France.


My next challenge, that is for me the next logical step, is to go around the globe, to take the time to discover the curiosities of our world, to meet people who are so different from me and paradoxically so close, a dream, an objective and a goal: to do the world tour by hitchhiking.

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