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 Travel Diary : From the Myth to the Greek Home

From the Myth to the Greek home 

Before leaving Europe, I wanted to visit Greece. Indeed, I have never put a foot in this historical place and at 50 kilometers of the border... ı couldn't mıss the occasion.

I want to spend the New Year's Eve in İstanbul. So I had ten days to make a little tour in the country. The roads are mainly good and fast in Greece, so ıt was completely possible to do it this way. The road that I followed was passıng by Thessalonique, Athens, Patra and Larissa. 

At the exit of the Ex-Yugoslavia's Balkans, I must say that I felt a return in a more occidentalized country, with his advantages and his problems. I also could admire a part of the archaeological vestiges that Greece get. I say a part because Greece got thousands and ıt would need a lıfe to try to dıscover every of them. 

Among these vestiges, those which ımpressed me the most are: 

The Acropolıs ın Athens


The Panathean stadıum where the fırst Olympic Games took place ın Athens


Or the Dyonisos Theater...still in Athens


Anyway I tell it again, there are so many things to see in Greece that it is difficult to make a choice and to establish my preferences. So I allow myself to place more photography concerning the monuments and other Greek curiosities in the part "Photo" of the website. 

Greece gets certainly many archeological monuments but I was as ımpressed by the natural landscapes that the country have. In particular while going down towards the part of Peloponnese (by the way, one part was touched by a bıg fire last year), on the road along the Gulf of Corinth...

...Have a look by yourself



These photographs were taken along the gulf of Corinth. Thıs one connects the Ionian sea to the Aegean Sea. However, the ground didn't allow the Aegean Sea to enter the Gulf then... the man built a canal there: the canal of Corinth. This canal is effective since 1893 and its goal is to make a shorter way fort he boat goıng in this direction. Perhaps on this photograph, we can't figure but this work of man is impressive: almost 6,5 kilometers length and a height reaching 52 meters! 


Another work of man that I had fun to cross: the bridge connecting the towns of Rio and Antirio. This building also crosses the gulf of Corinth and connects the island of Peloponesis with the higher part of Greece. The bridge was open in 2004 during the Olympic Games of Athens and is almost 3 kilometres length.



Yes, a beautiful building... but when you arrive in the other side, i hope that you have seen before your friend the banker who made you with pleasure a credit for 6 months!

I even started to look for a pedestrian price to cross the bridge (the price are indicated in euros)


Other buildings were made during this period. I speak indeed about the Olympic village, where almost all the stadium and sporting buildings used during the last summer Olympics Games ın Athens are. I personally went on this site and it is really impressive. It can look a little bit paradoxical to go to Athens (a city known for its vestiges) and to visit completely new buildings... but the richness ıs in diversity, dont you think? 

The Olympic Stadium, where the main athletics races happened


An original building in the entrance of the village. I really enjoy the aerodynamism of the form


Back on the road, I noticed several tımes that the trees was sometımes painted in white. A driver explained to me that the main reason is to protect them from the insects in summer.

Here is the kind of painted tree which make me ask the question to the driver:


However in winter, there are not really many insects because the weather is cold... and when the weather is cold, I move ın the interior of the buildings. There I could discover one of the principal occupations in Greece: To go to the Tavern.

In the Tavern, we put a dish ın the middle of the table and everybody helps himself. 

Ok on the photograph, all was drunk and eaten, but you will notice that the dish is still in the middle of the table!


After have eat enough, I am ready to enter the real trip which means for me the exit of Europe. Direction Turkey without any doubt.

I soon finished to prepare my new route and in a few days, I would make you share it in a forthcoming article.

I am more than ready to start this new adventure: new continents, ways of living and new surprises to discover. 

I wish you a really happy New Year, take care of you and a lot of happiness for everyone!


See you soon ın Asia


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