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Tour du monde en autostop - Jeremy Marie


 Travel Diary : In the beginning...

First of all i apologize for the delay but the first two weeks of voyage were a little bit animated . But i am comfortably installed for three days in Genova, having found time to give you news.

I joined the Mediterranean Sea, carried by various fortunes for hitch-hiking and housing. Having crossed the east of France then Switzerland by Basel and Lugano, I arrived to Italy to Milan where i made the way Milan Genova ( 140 km) in just... 3 days. However, which still shocked me and that I had noticed in the past, this is the changes of situations that the traveller had to make face.They can simply come from extremely bad to extremely good. I give you an example:

Here is the place where I slept in Serravale, not having been able to connect Genova from Milan in one day. The temperature this night was lower than 0



Few days before, close to Luzern in Switzerland, two cars consecutively took me by hitch hiking: a convertible BMW and a BMW Z3. Here is the first one with its driver



However, sleeping outside happened to me only twice since the beginning, on about fifteen nights. Therefore the concept of couchsurfing and hospitality club always proves reliable. A particular housing returns to me lately in mind to make proof of the state of the reception to which I am regularly convied. Thus, on this same Milan-Genova road, I had to spend the first night in Pavia. At the last minute, Federico and its family accomodate me for the night. The following day, Federico invited me to join him for a boat tour on the Ticino river. One tour of more than 2 hours and a really pleasant time, whereas we know each other only since the day before!

Here i am on this famous boat 


For the distance, I have already done 1500 kilometers of hitch-hiking in 15 days. It is not that much but it is true that from Italy, I have a little slows down the trip. Indeed, Italy is a country where I have never been and the large cities are pretty close, and so i often stop.

How does work the hitch-hiking?

I noted a little evolution in ny way to hitch-hike. In the beginning, I used only my inch to try ato stop the cars. I realized that I had some tools allowing me to stop the cars more easily. These tools are actually documents which I made for this and which quickly explains my tour of the world and its objectives. Add to that an article of newspaper talking about my project and I become more serious on the eyes of people who are unknown for me at the beginning This fact I found for the first time a car by night in a petrol station close to Luzern in Switzerland. A car which take me straight to Lugano.

However my article of newspaper is in French and one of my objectives is to collect as much article as possible. This is why in one of my next news, I will explain how I get an article of newspaper talking about my project in an unknown country.

I let you with some pictures that i found really nice on the way

An astonishing country cottage close to Colmar in France



The AtterSee's lake in central Switzerland




The lake of the balneal city of Lugano in Switzerland



Galleria Vittoria Emanuele II In Milan



Van 1 places at 3 wheels close to Genova in Italy


tour du monde

Port of Genova



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