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Tour du monde en autostop - Jeremy Marie


 Travel Diary : Podcast - 4 years on the road

Time goes on, landscapes are seen, people are met and I am still on the road. Who would have guessed this ? Surely not me, but the fact is here : this is 4 years that I am touring the world by hitchhiking.

In a way, that was a little bit naive from me to think that I would have been able to tour the whole thing in less than two years. The world is not so big, sure, but it is still a little bit!

Today, I am sharing with you the last year on the road with a podcast. Since the Lake Titicaca in Peru to Auckland in New Zealand, I am talking about the highlights of this year that just finished by this fourth anniversary.

Click here to listen to the Podcast of 4 years on the road

See you soon for a travel diary about New Zealand and I hope also a tale of the crossing of the Tasman Sea by boat-hitchhiking


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